Liverpool FAW

(Formerly Liverpool Creative Writers)



1990 - 2016

Celebrating 26 years of creative writing.

Creative writing, learning and fellowship.

Promoting the growth and development of literature and letters - in all their forms.

Picture: Statue of Lachlan Macquarie, Memorial Ave, Liverpool, NSW.
Posted July 2015
Come in for a visit

Whether you are new to writing write poetry or prose, are writing a book, or are a published author, you will find a lot in common with our members.

Our goal is to extend ourselves, improve our existing skills, develop new skills, learn more about our language.

Come and exchange ideas with like minded people.

Individual members also offer consulting, printing and self-publishing, on a fee for service basis.

Posted July 2015


  • Membership:
    Membership of the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc (including FAW-Liverpool) is $50.00 per annum, renewable in December, each year.

  • Attendance:
    An attendance fee $5.00 is payable by members and $10.00 by visitors at each monthly meeting.

  • Special Meetings:
    For special events - such as Poetry Nights, special workshops, or training - fees will be determined and advertised with each event.


Membership includes the opportunity to submit personal works for consideration for publication in Newsletters, Anthologies, or Year Books, organised and published by Liverpool FAW.

Conditions & Expectations

At FAW-Liverpool we are not educators, or teachers.
We do not provide nor offer Basic English classes, or ESL training.
Applicants must have a good standard of English literacy.

We expect new applicants to be willing abd able to:

  • demonstrate a good basic standard and knowledge of English comprehension, grammar, spelling, composition and presentation;
  • present examples of their written works for evaluation and assessment;
  • demonstrate a desire to advance their skills through writing, reading of their works, critiques, and participation in workshops.

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