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Red Creeper Roses


A young Australian couple travel to Scotland for their honeymoon. During their travels they unravel the mystery of an old man who appears and disappears like a ghost, and the legend behind him.
Short story - A5-44 pages
Author: Richard R Vincenti
ISBN 978-0-646-93231-6
Price: $5.00 including p&h within Australia.

Published and distributed by:
Holtech Group Pty Ltd
P: 02 9821-3373
M: 02 0404 496 776
Posted July 2015

White Dove


A collection of short poems.
A5-25 pages
Author: Len Coffey
ISBN 978-0-9872893-0-8
Price: $10.00 plus p&h within Australia.

Available from the author:


Posted July 2015

"Oh My!" said the Fly


' "Oh My!'' Said the Fly' is a picture book for young readers aged 3 - 6 years.
This is a beautifully illustrated and charming story about a bee who is trying to look for nectar in the flowering bushes. The fly and other creatures try to warn him when there is danger near by. The text incorporates rhythm and rhyme.
Set in the Australian countryside. This book was fully produced and printed in Australia.
Author: Toula Papadam
ISBN: 978-0-646-90744-4
Price: $15 plus postage

Publisher: ToJo Books

Can be purchased from the author at

Posted July 2015
The "Oh My!" said the Fly Game


A board game to accompany the book.

More info comming soon. Author: Toula Papadam
Price: TBA
Can be purchased from the author
E: Posted July 2015

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