Liverpool FAW

(Formerly Liverpool Creative Writers)

In the Begining

Liverpool FAW - formerly known as Liverpool Creative Writers - was established in 1990.

The foundation members were Dr Thomas Thomas, Jenny Walters, Terry Harmer, and Peter Pike who became its first President.

Peter Pike and Terry Harmer having served as presidents and numerous other roles, continue to be heavily involved and support the group with their extensive knowledge and experience.

Liverpool FAW includes a group of well established and recognised writers committed to nurture and develop new writing talent within our community.

Posted July 2015
Aims, Goals, Objectives

LiverpoolFAW aim is to foster and promote growth and development of literature and letters - in all their forms - in the Liverpool District.

  • To foster and endorse the growth of Australian writing;
  • To promote excellence in writing;
  • To encourage writers, and those interested in writing, to join Liverpool FAW - and The Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc, - to enjoy the support, help, and knowledge of members;
  • To expand FAW-Liverpool across the Liverpool Region;
  • To bring writers into the 21st century to take advantage of technology and its role in writing and publishing.
Posted July 2015

About FAW NSW Inc

The Fellowship of Australian Writers was formed in Sydney in 1928 by a group including Mary Gilmore, Steel Rudd and John le Gay Brereton, prominent writers at the time.

It was formed to try and help Australian Writers who were very poorly used at the time.

John Le Gay Brereton was its first President.

The FAW was incorporated on 3 July 1991.

In 2008 it celebrated its 80th birthday and is still developing regional groups to provide an organisation for people who enjoy writing.

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